Becoming a Carer

The joy and rewards of working as an NDIS carer and who should become one 

If you have a passion for caring, a spirit of engagement, and a heart for uplifting support, becoming an NDIS carer might just be the career for you. At Quick Response Carers we’re always looking for new people with the right heart and mind to join our wonderful team of carers. In this blog, we’ll give you the rundown on what makes a great NDIS carer and what a career supporting those around you can look like. 


Should I become a carer? 

If you’re wanting to become an NDIS carer, there are a few things you should consider. At QR Carers, we always start with mindset and passion. At the best of times, it can be challenging work, but if you have the commitment and desire, the joy of seeing participants thrive and succeed makes it a rewarding career. So what do we mean by mindset and passion? Here are the key points:  



When you’re working with NDIS participants, flexibility is crucial. The people we care for are all unique, with individual needs, personalities, and characteristics—which is why we love them! So approaching work with an open mind, and one that’s excited for the task gives you a strong starting position. Each day is different, and you can never quite know what to expect! 


Up-beat personality 

Having a fun, positive, and people-oriented personality brings joy to you and the participant you’re caring for. A lot of the work we do is about building life skills and helping participants achieve their goals! There’s nothing better than providing that supportive environment through a smile and positive, happy encouragement.  



As with all care work and skill building, a good dose of patience never goes amiss! We’re working with people who face challenges in everyday life and the role of a carer is to support and uplift in these areas. Understanding others’ needs and then being that patient, calm voice is key. 


The best things about being a carer

Becoming an NDIS carer offers a career like no other. You get to participate in the development of others’ skills and the fulfilment of their goals and dreams. Engaging with your community and giving back is also a rewarding experience. 

As one of our carers mentioned, there is always something to look forward to. “You get to think of ways to build one’s life skills, and come up with new methods and plans to support them in this journey.” 

What might seem like a simple everyday task for us, can be a momentous achievement for another. “Seeing the joy on a participant’s face as they achieve something they’ve been striving for, it’s a really great feeling.” 


How to become an NDIS carer 

The great thing about being an NDIS carer is there are many ways to go about it. The basics generally include first aid and CPR certification and a Yellow Card or Disability Worker Screening Card. There are also courses available for further accreditation. These include a Certificate II in Community Services, a Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability), or a Certificate IV in Disability.  

Quick Response Carers also provides a range of training options and support so that all our carers are equipped with the skills they need to provide amazing care. It is our goal to always find the best match for our participants. So no matter where you are in your career or training journey, we would love to hear from you. You could be the ideal support one of our participants is looking for! 

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