Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living: what it is and how it can help you and your loved one 

Finding the right care for you or your loved one can be a tough process, whether it be day centres, respite care, or supported independent living. Thankfully with the NDIS and care providers like us at Quick Response Carers, that process is streamlined. One of the care options supported through the NDIS is supported independent living or SIL. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how it works, what’s involved, and how the care might look for you or your loved one.   

What is SIL care? 

Supported independent living or SIL as it is known, is a type of 360-degree care provided to participants as part of the NDIS. It delivers highly-tailored, supportive care to participants in the place they feel most comfortable—their own home. It’s usually for participants who require a higher level of support, like 7-day care, overnight care, and help with tasks around the home at most times of the day.  

What’s great about SIL, as opposed to other options, is that a participant can remain in a familiar environment, can grow to learn skills required in everyday life, and can achieve the level of independence that they desire. This sort of care can include a range of different support options, from helping participants prepare their own meals throughout the day, attending any required medical appointments, shopping for groceries or leisure, meeting up with friends, and more. 

How do I find SIL care? 

SIL care is arranged through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. When you or your loved one joins the NDIS, they will be provided with a National Disability Insurance Agency or NDIA planner. This planner will sit down with the participant to understand things like their goals, their current situation, and level of independence, to establish the type and level of care they need. If SIL is recommended, you will then have the opportunity to find a service provider. That’s where we at QR Carers come in.  

Our role is to provide current or potential participants with the care and support they need as funded through the NDIS. We formulate care plans or rosters with the participant and the NDIS support coordinator, to ensure the appropriate care is being provided, and in a way that works best for the participant.  

What can NDIS SIL care look like? 

Every participant will have a different arrangement according to their required support. SIL is highly tailored and flexible, and can change as needed. Participants have full control over what their SIL care experience looks like, and can discuss and consult with both the provider and the NDIS.  

This might involve a team of carers who rotate throughout the day, stay overnight, and head out with the participant when needed. Participants can arrange plans, meetups with friends, and other community engagement activities that their carers can support them through. It’s all about giving participants the support and assistance they need to live and enjoy their lives as independently as possible.  

Additionally, NDIS SIL participants don’t necessarily have to live alone—and many choose not to. They can live with other NDIS participants in a share house environment that brings support, friendship, and positive engagement all to the one place! 

At Quick Response Carers, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive, engaging, and caring SIL service. We have a team of dedicated staff who are trained and passionate about delivering the high level of care and support that all NDIS participants deserve. And of course, like all our care, we go above and beyond to find that perfect match between participant and carer! If you feel that SIL care might be something you or your loved one is looking for, or if you’ve been approved this support through the NDIS, reach out to us! It is our first and foremost goal to give everyone the care and support they need to live their life as they dream it. We’d love to support you in that endeavour.  

Please reach out to us at 3422 2770. We’d love to hear from you.