More than just support: NDIS in-home care with Quick Response Carers

For a lot of people with support needs, NDIS in-home care is the ideal solution. It brings support and assistance to a place that’s familiar and comfortable for the participants—their home. At Quick Response Carers, we strive to provide this care in a way that’s more than just a service. We work holistically to personalise and support each participant as they need, and where they need. And it’s not just in-home care. Engagement and building connection through community-based activities is also a core area of our support. We regularly speak to our many participants and families to see how our care has assisted them. One family shared their story with us.  

The challenge of knowing what to do  

As we all know, parenthood is no easy task. It often feels like you’re flying blind, trying to do the best for your child but at the same time, confused about just what that entails! These experiences are often compounded for parents of children with additional needs. “We felt lost and somewhat overwhelmed,” shared the parents of ‘Connor’, a beautiful 2 year old participant at Quick Response Carers. “Keeping up with daily tasks, like shopping and housework became a challenge”.  

These feelings are totally understandable and why services like NDIS in-home care exist. It’s about identifying the support your loved one needs, so you’re able to love and care for them as fully as you can.  

A partnership in delivering quality care 

Our goal is to come alongside you and your family to aid in the areas that you need assistance with. And that begins with our carers and staff. For the family of Connor, this was the key factor to their happiness at Quick Response Carers.  

“The best thing about QR in-home support is the people themselves—they all take the time and effort to help us, whether it’s the direct support staff who work with Connor or the office staff, everybody goes above and beyond to help out.” 

Finding the right staff, carers, and team members is part of our mission at Quick Response Carers. We emphasise strong matches between our participants and carers to deliver quality support, and consider our participants and their families as part of our greater community. When we hear this back from the families in our community, it gives true value to the work we do.  

“It’s like family—we treat each other like family. Connor loves his carers and they have done so much for him and it’s helping us out as well as his parents. I feel like every day has its challenges but it’s been an extraordinary journey having QR alongside us.”  

Connecting to community together 

Sometimes living with a disability or requiring additional support can make community involvement tough for both the individual and their families. But it doesn’t have to be. Through NDIS support and the many programmes and services available at Quick Response Carers, participating in your local community is becoming easier. Our carers can help with grocery shopping, support you to participate in extra-curricular activities, holidays away and much more! And we run several day centres and have respite accommodation that provides a range of activities designed to help participants make new friends, learn new skills, and explore new hobbies.  

All of our services operate in a way that’s uplifting and joyous for our Quick Response Carers community. We’re here to bring excitement and fun, while enabling and supporting participants to live their lives as independently and fulfilled as possible—and what better way to do that than through community.  

At Quick Response Carers, it’s our job to bring the benefits of the NDIS and the care it affords to you in a way that you deserve. Our work is more than a service—supporting you and your care brings us joy each and every day, and it’s a pleasure to have the trust of so many on their journey.  

If you feel that in-home care, community support, or other NDIS care is something you’re interested in, it would be our pleasure to discuss with you further. Reach out at any time.